Circle of Protection Plan

The Circle of Protection Plan does just that it puts a complete circle of protection around each family that has it.  In fact we believe that each time we present the Circle of Protection Plan to a family it is a service to that family.

There are two primary reasons why we've developed this service.First is that of all the people we've meet with we've found that very few have ever taken just an hour to sit down and talk with each other about what they would have wanted if something had happened to one or both of them.

The second major reason is that over the years we've found very few people have had the complete responsibility of making someone else's final arrangements.Some people have never helped in final arrangements while others have helped with portions of the arrangements but have no idea of the full scope of the arrangements.For some there have been many changes since they have help with arrangements and for still others their emotions were running so high even their memories are foggy.

So our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information to make the wisest possible decisions.As Benjamin Franklin said "every decision is only as good as the information it was based on."And, so that you can make those decisions while you can still make them with people you love and trust.In that way, your final wishes will be respected no matter what you choose.

Once you understand how important the Circle of Protection Plan can be you will probably want to make it available to your family and loved ones.Of course you can request the free information for anyone you feel may benefit.

For many people talking about this subject is uncomfortable, but our clients have told us that not talking about and making decisions about this subject ahead of time has lead to painful consequences.It is our goal to help make a difficult situation easier.As a result, we are firmly committed to a policy which prohibits our counselors from repeatedly presenting the complete Circle of Protection Plan for the principal reason of avoiding any form of harassment.

We sincerely hope you will find this helpful and that it will help you relieve your family as much as possible at the time of need, so that they will retain a warm memory of the years you've spent together. So please take a small space of time to get your Circle of Protection Plan.

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