If you enjoy listening to families and encouraging them through what can be a difficult thought process, pre-need counseling could be a rewarding and satisfying experience.For many people talking about this subject can be uncomfortable but our clients have told us that not talking about and making decisions about this subject ahead of time has led to painful consequences.Encouraging people to reach down deep inside themselves and assume that sense of responsibility that sets them apart from those who choose to ignore a reality that none of us can predict, avoid or postpone, is inspiring not only for our clients but our counselors as well.

One of the things we hear repeated time and again from our counselors is how good, the heart felt appreciation of our clients, for the information the counselor provided, made the counselor feel.After just a few months it's easy to understand why experienced professionals often refer to this as "the pay check of the heart."

Wise families understand this information is very valuable because every decision is only as good as the information, that decision is based upon.Pre-need counselors are information givers because over and over we see, that people who are given complete and accurate information make the best decisions for their families.

For the person who enjoys, engaging with a family in a consultative approach, it doesn't seem like work to watch families make their decisions with the information you provide.But don't let the satisfaction fool you.Our pre-need counselors are licensed professionals who follow a time tested, systematic approach.

The industry has a well deserved reputation for being recession proof.And, with baby boomers just reaching retirement age, an already growing industry is set to expand more rapidly than at any time in recent memory.If you are interested in a profession as a pre-need counselor, you've got everything to gain and nothing to loose, go ahead and contact us on the form below.Remember to add a note that you're interested in becoming a pre-need counselor.

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