Personal Protection Guide

The greatest problem that final arrangement counselors face, when a death occurs and a family does come to us, is that family is either uniformed or misinformed.If you'll think with us it is ironic that anyone should remain in either of those two conditions since we all know at some point we are going to face this situation.And certainly no one would want their family to remain in that condition especially not if the information is free.

That's why we make your very own copy of our Personal Protection Guide available completely free of charge.This is our way of advertising.It's our hope that as families just like yours can see the genuine service we provide before you ever need our services that when you actually do need our services you will want to use us.

But just because your guide is free doesn't mean it's not valuable.In fact when properly completed your Personal Protection Guide will probably be the most important book in the house on the day a death occurs.That's because your Personal Protection Guide has all the information you, or anyone in the family, will need to know.You'll receive information concerning legal requirements, costs your family will face as well as benefits which are frequently overlooked, simply because no one took the time to find out about them.

Your Personal Protection Guide does not replace your will or trust.There is information in your Personal Protection Guide about the importance of using a will or trust, which will help your family make the most of your estate planning.However, if you think about it, a will or trust usually goes into effect 2-6 weeks after a death.Much of the information in your Personal Protection Guide will be important to your family on the very day the death occurs.

Many families have found their Personal Protection Guide to be priceless at the time of need.Your Guide will be helpful no matter what form of disposition you prefer.However, for families who choose cremation your Personal Protection Guide will be particularly helpful because you'll receive detailed information specific to cremation.For example even for families who have used cremation in the past, in over 77% of cases there are benefits and options available to the family of which they were never informed.

You have the right to make these very personal decisions ahead of time.They don't have to be put off till a time when they are forced on someone else: your husband or wife or children, who may not know what you would have wanted.As you begin to complete your guide there are always questions.The information you receive with your guide may help you make the most of VA benefits, donate tissue and or prepare for arrangements in a location other than where you currently reside, just to answer a few.

For some people talking about this subject is difficult but our clients have told us that not talking about and making decisions about this subject ahead of time has lead to painful consequences because they were left totally unprepared during life's most emotionally vulnerable time.So our goal is to make sure you have all the necessary information so that you can make the wisest possible decisions.After all you wouldn't want your family to remain uninformed or misinformed, especially not if the information is free: would you?Of course not, no one who loves or respects their family would.So take a short space of time to get your information today.
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