Veteran's Burial Program

The quality of VA benefits have changed many times over the years and of course have been the subject of much debate.The recent changes to VA final arrangement benefits have made them the best they have been in years.If you or some one you love is a Veteran you owe it to yourself or them to get your free VA Benefits Information.

However, because they are free benefits doesn't mean they are not well deserved.The comment we hear so often is "I'm no hero, I was just doing my job"and you probably feel that way.All the same we enjoy our freedoms everyday and couldn't be prouder of all our Veterans both young and old.We wish you'd let us thank you for your contribution, no matter how you feel about it.

We work with Veterans and their families everyday and one of the best ways for us to say "Thanks" is to help inform you or someone in your home of the many VA benefits available.This is something we can and will do at no charge but, something that may be very valuable to you and your family.

Burial is completely free to qualifying Veterans and some family members. There are also several other VA benefits available to those who chose not use VA burial benefits.But that doesn't mean there may not be some costs to you or your family.Your free VA Benefits Information will give you all the information you and your family will need to make a wise decision in making the most of your VA benefits and in understanding the costs your family will face.

Once you've decided, how you'd like to use the benefits you're eligible to use, your free VA Benefits Information will help you understand the best way to apply for those benefits.Everyone who has served, knows all too well, that completing the proper applications in the approved way then submitting them to the right department makes all the difference between getting your benefits and months of headaches.

The Veteran's Burial Program is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Circle of Protection.  The program is designed to assist veterans and their families understand their burial benefits.  The program was developed because the VA has limited or no personnel available for local consultation. The Veteran's Burial Program allows the VA and National Cemeteries to partner with local independent organizations so that individuals can receive personal attention in applying general information. 

Another statement we hear all too often is "the VA will take care of everything".You know better than that. It wasn't like that when you were in the service and it's not like that now! You have to know what you are eligible for and make the proper application.When your time comes you won't care: It's your family that will have the costs and head aches if they are uninformed or misinformed. We don't think there's a man alive who loves and respects his family who would want to deny his family the benefits and honor they deserve. So take a small space of time to get your free VA Benefits Information today.  

And Thanks for your service!!!
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